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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

45th Reunion - Wayzata Yacht Club

August 23, 2013

1. Bruce Wagner &
Lucia Harmon

2. Bruce Wagner does some last minute recruiting

3. Debbie Abelson

4: Dusty Macgregor & Dayton Berg

Some people like to be photographed more than others.  If you have some good photos,
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45th Reunion

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Note: Main people in foreground are listed; photos are edited for posting size.  Original Images available by request

Photos from Jeff Walton

5. Debbie Abelson
& Jake Cadwallader


6. Louise Nelson


7: Chris Utz; Randy & Gabbie Lofgren; Mary Etzel; Annette LaPointe


8. Randy & Gabbie Lofgren


9. Where's your Name Tag??  Wendy Raun; Bonnie McCannel; Pat Bauer;
Karen VanBrocklin

10. Wow!  That shirt from the 25th reunion still fits!

Julie Laven & Bruce Wagner

11. Remember that time by Medicine Lake?...
Steve Zank
& Karen VanBrocklin

12. Sandy Nalls; Dusty Macgregor; Susie Hursh

13. Jeff Lambert & Chris Utz send texts to each other


14. Randy Lofgren; Mike Leviska; Louise Nelson; Jeff Lambert; et. al.


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