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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

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 This email went to classmates with valid email addresses on August 27, 2017

WHS Class of 1968 – Save the Dates!

This message is for:  Classmate Name


Hi Classmate;

We’re sending out one of our infrequent messages to share information for the upcoming 50th Reunion and to update our records for reunion mailings.  

Do us a favor, please:  Simply reply to this email and let us know if the information that we have on file is correct.   



Dates for the 50th Reunion:

Fri & Sat, August 17-18, 2018

Updated to September 21-22, 2018

(due to venue availability)

We have picked the dates so that everyone can put it on his or her calendars.  Moving forward, we are working to reserve locations and recruiting classmates to assist with everything from logistics, updating classmate information, event activities and mementos for the events.  Anyone that was part of our journey to graduation is welcome to join us, including classmates that may not have been with us for the senior year!

Share your thoughts…

As the 2018 Reunion gets closer, we’ll be back to you with more details and an opportunity to participate with the process.  Right now, we are open to all suggestions to share at the planning meetings which are held monthly.  Watch our website at www.wayzata68.com or www.whs68.org for details!

Help us keep the Class of ’68 Information current!

This message is going out to about 155 classmates (about 60% of the class) with email addresses on file. Here is the status of or class information based on the most current information that we have:

·         Confirmed Information on ( 164 ) Classmates - ( 60.9%)

·         Unverified Information ( 42 ) Classmates - ( 15.6%)

·         Outdated Information on ( 32 ) Classmates - ( 11.8%)

·         No information for ( 27 ) Classmates - ( 10%)

·         ( 159 ) Classmates with known Email Address - ( 59.1%)

·         ( 33 ) Classmates Deceased - ( 12.2%)

NOTE:  Our actual tracking is for ( 299 ) classmates including some
          that moved, transferred, or did not finish with us.  This can
          cause some percentage totals to be greater than 100%.

Please take a look at your profile information (below) and let us know if what is listed is correct or needs to be updated in any way.  If it needs updating, you can reply to: wayzata1968@gmail.com or use our web form to do the updates.  This is our best way to stay in touch.  As always, your information remains private!  We will use it maybe once a year between reunions to keep in touch, but then a little more frequently as a reunion approaches. 

Please feel free to drop a line and please check out the web site at www.68whs.org to see what is happening!  Our website all ours, it’s just for us, NO ADVERTISING and is a great way to stay in touch on your own terms!  The home page includes a list of updates so that you can see recent additions, and while the amount of entirely new content has dropped off a bit since our last reunion, a few tweaks have made things like the yearbooks and elementary school year photos a little easier to use.  Also, please don’t hesitate to send in any additional material that might be of interest to classmates (for examples, see the items currently up under the Nostalgia tab).

Please confirm the following information in bold color text: (none on record if blank)

 Your current status in our database:   Verified as of: 2017

First Name: 
Last Name: 
Current Last Name: 

Name of Spouse (if applicable): 

Graduated with WHS in 1968:  Y

 Address Information on file: 

1968 Main Avenue, N.
, MN 55446 U.S.A.

 Phone Information:  (we can have up to 3 numbers)

Home Phone:  763-123-4567
Cell Phone: 
Alternate Phone Number:

 Email Information:  (we can have up to 3 addresses)

Email Status: has email (Y or N):  Y

Email Address:  classmate@wayzata68.com
Alt. Email Address: 
Additional Email Address:

Last year that your information was updated:  2017

You have given permission to allow other
classmates to contact you (Y or N):       Y
Previous Reunions Attended:

20th: Y


 Notes and comments regarding last contact attempt/update:

40th; 45th; 4/16 - 7/16 - 7/17 social

Are You Retired (Y or N)?

Our Disclaimer:  Your information is only shared with the planning committee for the purpose of contacting you about class reunion activities.  It is NOT shown on the web site and we only note if we know how to reach you.  You decide if you want to share with other classmates.

Best Regards from the Reunion Committee,

Jeff Walton 

Email us at:  wayzata1968@gmail.com



PS:  Our web site is NOT Facebook but we do have a group site for Facebook users.


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